I2KI 3 page Concept Paper Version 08-25-2015

We are a Global Coalition of Thought Leaders dedicated to Knowledge Sharing that fuels Innovative Solutions to Challenges facing Contemporary Society, and we Invite participation with Like-Minded Organizations/Individuals


I2KI is committed to continue sharing its contemporary and historical intellectual property (IP) contents in the fields of Knowledge and Innovation Management with a Global Community of Like-Minded Affiliated Partners.  Our Cadre of accredited instructors and degreed graduates has been creating this IP since the late ‘90’s on the premise of “Theory to Practice, a Continuum,” thus transforming research concepts into efficient, effective and sustainable practices.


1. Foster the practice of Global Knowledge Collaboration, Life-Long Learning and Innovative Creativity.

2. Convert Theoretical Research into Documented, Actionable Practices, Tools and Methodologies.

3. Apply practices, tools and methodologies through Contract or Grant Funded opportunities in conjunction with our Non-Profit and For-Profit Alliances.

4. Attract, recognize, enrich and retain an engaged World-Wide Membership on a continuing basis.

Knowledge & Innovation from THEORY to PRACTICE, a Continuum with a Global Reach

I2KI began with the George Washington University (GWU) program in 1997 which was accredited in 2000 as the first KM University Program in North America through the Doctoral level. The first dissertation in May 2000 validated a Four Pillar Model (Leadership-Organization-Technology- Learning) which established the basis of the Curriculum/Syllabi for Hundreds of Graduates including some 36 PhDs by 2014. I2KI continues its focus on Theory through Education via Research, Training, Workshops, Seminars, Organizational Transformation and Change Management, but challenges theoretical precepts to stand up to the rigors of tested practices in the “real world.”

More than a Decade of Teaching–Training–Facilitation founded on the Philosophy of “Theory to Practice – a Continuum” has yielded multiple Models/Books/Journals/Papers/Tools/Practices/ Methodologies and an extended International Network.


Theory is best proven through adaptable, results based practice over the course of time, and captured by experiential learning.  I2KI has taken what it has discovered through Theory, fed it into its Theory to Practice “Engine” and taken what it has learned through Practice as feedback to refine and improve its Research and Theory components.  This “feedback loop” ensures that I2KI sustains its continuous and idealistic “lifelong Learnership” principles and demonstratable results.  These improvements have brought Efficiencies, Effectiveness, and Innovation in the Private/Government/Academic arenas through our Strategic Planning, Knowledge Enhanced Infrastructure (KEI)*, Technology Impact Analyses, Mentoring/Coaching, and VUE Virtual Universal Environment, an Integrated Enterprise System Architecture of Human, Structural and Relationship Capital Assets.

Global Reach:


Relationship Capital –Global Networks :

  I2KI has a diverse membership and Coalition Network of KM Graduates, Professionals and Enthusiasts from many parts of the World giving us an International Presence and the leverage of Multi Lingual ease of use! I2KI continues to systematically extend and expand, building a broader network of affiliations through personal and professional contacts to promote the disciplines of actionable knowledge collaboration, lifelong learning and innovative discoveries.



Human Capital Core :

A 15 year Incumbent Leadership Corps and a dedicated Membership Cadre of approximately 50 experienced instructors, graduates and practitioners in the Knowledge, Learning & Innovation Management disciplines.  This seasoned team of professionals has generated and successfully utilized text books, journals, tools, course curriculum, syllabi, methodologies, workshops, training, facilitations, and transformation processes in multiple industry, academic and government settings for thousands of participants.



Organizational Capital – I2KI’s Business Alliance:

The successful For-Profit Business Alliance infrastructure of 15 years has been strengthened with added Partners.  The existing Leadership Corps and Cadre, augmented with client related teaming arrangements, positions I2KI for successful contract and grant awards on competitive bid proposals. Globally I2KI pursues regional bid opportunities by fostering active Teamings with its Internationally Affiliated Partners.


Organizational Capital – I2KI’s Legal and Working Structure:

1. Functional Roles/Responsibilities as noted in Graphic

2. A Commonwealth of Virginia Non-Profit Corporation

3. Business Alliance Partners are separate incorporated entities

4. Advisory and Regional Facilitators Councils:  Each will have an Ex Officio Representative to the Board of Trustees

5.    Annual Membership Contributions:

a.    Organizations: For-Profit $250 / Non-Profit $150

b.  Individuals: Industry/Faculty/Student $75

Knowledge Enhanced Infrastructure (KEI) is the “KEI” to Knowledge sharing for Organizational Transformation enabling the innovative collaboration for change and competitive advantage.

An Informal “Public Benefits Infrastructure” – Fulfillment of Social Responsibility as a mix of: Non-Profit – Applied in Needy Environments/Applications – for Public Good of a Global constituency. For-Profit – A-priori agreement that a percentage of Fees and/or profits earned through I2KI IP and/or related assets and relationships are contributed to nonprofit and 501(c)3 activities

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